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At St Catherine of Siena, we strive to develop the ‘whole person’. We know that children who are happy, confident and are able to find joy in their learning experiences, will achieve their full potential. Staff are committed to offering a curriculum that differentiates and allows for diversity within each classroom. Staff are continually monitoring and evaluating student learning. Protocols and practices have been developed that recognise the need for adjustments to learning, and are shared through Program Support Group Meetings, Personalised Learning Plans and Children Learning Conversations.

​Through our curriculum, interpersonal relationships and organisational practices, we at St Catherine of Siena implement strategies that take into account the diverse abilities, skills and life experiences of each of our students. A variety of significant elements are considered when selecting responses to student behaviour. We firmly believe each child is created in the image of God and therefore recognise the dignity of all.

We respond to learning diversity so that all students are actively engaged in learning and experience success. We partner with parents throughout the year to support our students. Program Support Group meetings (PSGs) are held each semester to facilitate and strengthen relationships between staff and families in supporting students in our care to empower and enrich each child’s educational journey.

We also employ a speech therapist who works with our students.

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