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Education in Faith 

At St Catherine of Siena, we believe that Christ is at the centre of all we do.

We believe that all humans are made in God’s image and our encounter with others leads us to reveal the living Christ.

St Catherine’s promotes the synthesis of life and faith, where learning experiences of the Catholic tradition are explored and made meaningful in the current context.

Teaching and Learning

Learning in Religious Education at St Catherine of Siena is a holistic approach using the RE Curriculum Framework. This framework sits within the context of the Education Framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Horizons of Hope.

Students explore their learning experiences using three dimensions:

  • Knowledge and Understanding (seeking truth)
  • Reasoning and Responding (making meaning)
  • Personal and Communal Engagement (living out the story).

These dimensions are illuminated and made clear through the five content areas:

  • Scripture and Jesus
  • Church and Community
  • God, Religion and Life
  • Sacrament, Prayer and Liturgy
  • Morality and Justice

Sacramental Programs

St Augustine defines a Sacrament to be an outward sign of inward grace. Sacramental education is a crucial part of religious education at St Catherine of Siena. The school emphasises that sacramental preparation is a collaborative effort between parish and school. 

Sacramental learning occurs at all levels and is integrated into the curriculum. This is supported by a sacramental program that consists of a Presentation Mass, Family Preparation Evening, and the celebration of the Sacrament. 

Sacraments offered at St Catherine of Siena are: 

Reconciliation Year 3

Eucharist Year 4 

Confirmation Year 6 

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