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St Catherine of Siena School recognises that digital technology is an integral part of life. It also plays a role in learning. At St Catherine of Siena children have access to Apple iPads, which are used to help enrich teaching and learning. Through the use of various apps, students are invited to explore, create, design, produce and share their learning in creative ways. They use these tools to support their work in Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry learning. Activities are integrated using the Victorian Curriculum, where students develop skills for the 21st Century. 

Technology is incorporated into daily classroom lessons and routines. Students in the junior years work on their technology skills by learning how to use the iPads in a responsible way. In the senior classes students are using iPads in a 1:1 environment. Through the use of Google Classroom students are able to share their work with teachers and their peers in a collaborative way.



Prior to iPad use students participate in several Cyber Safety units, surrounding the safe use of technology. Students are entrusted to follow St Catherine of Siena’s Cyber Safety rules and are empowered to act responsibly when working online.

Throughout remote learning, students adapted to learning from home, through the use of the Seesaw app and Google Classroom. Students developed new skills when uploading their work to their teacher, including taking photos, scanning documents and recording voice and video messages

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