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St. Catherine of Siena is a learning community which engages children, enlightens all in Gospel values, energises high expectations and empowers each child to set the world on fire. Together we enrich each other’s journey in an ecological manner and strive for excellence.

We are Respectful.
We are Learners.
We are our Best Selves.


As a Catholic Primary School, in partnership with our families and parish, we at St Catherine of Siena: 

  • Energise all students with quality and innovative teaching and learning through high expectations to pursue excellence 
  • We welcome and promote a compassionate community of learners who recognise and respect the dignity of all, celebrating differences.
  • We rejoice in diversity, knowing all children can learn 
  • Engage and enlighten each child in Gospel values, modelling the Catholic Social Teaching and embracing Catholic tradition
  • Cultivate a positive, safe school of learners with a particular focus on enhancing each child’s wellbeing
  • Emphasise the building of positive relationships with self and others
  • Develop a strong sustainability education through our words and actions



Children engaged in their learning and empowered to be who God created them to be, will excel as global community citizens and set the world on fire.

Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.
― St. Catherine of Siena

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