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Performing Arts

Performing Arts at St Catherine of Siena aims to provide opportunities for all children to express themselves creatively and with confidence. Performing Arts encourages teamwork, creative expression, and communication. 

The programme of study comprises Music, Dance, Drama and Performance. 


In Music students begin by learning the building blocks of music such as dynamics, pitch, beat and rhythm. They study the interrelated skills of Performing, Composing, Listening and Appraising. Students explore a variety of instruments including keyboard, percussion, and ukulele. They use these to create accompaniments for songs, chants, and rhymes as well as creating their own music. Students develop a love for singing as a class and learn both traditional and popular songs appropriate to their age and development. 


Students explore Drama through picture storybooks, improvisation, and dramatic play. They explore different ways to use voice, facial expressions, movement, and space to imagine and improvise characters and situations.They play games to develop their confidence and willingness to perform.


In Dance students respond to choreographed dance sequences and have the opportunity to make their own choreographed and improvised dance sequences. They also learn choreographed songs for performance opportunities. 

We have developed an extremely well resourced Performing Arts program and create many opportunities for students to perform. We offer the opportunity for all students to participate and have the confidence to take to the stage. 

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