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Engage – Empower – Excel

St Catherine’s will be a learning community which engages children, enlightens all in Gospel values, and energises high expectations.  

Each child will be empowered to set the world on fire, co-creating a learning community together which enriches each other’s journey in an ecological manner, striving for growth in faith and excellence.

Our children will be engaged in their learning and empowered to be who God created them to be. We will cultivate a positive community of learners and set high expectations for all, creating a collaborative, compassionate and caring community, developing right relationship with ourselves, our God and each other, respectfully challenging learners to excel.

We will create a learning community with care and compassion. Develop a dynamic school community steeped in a sustainable learning style, respectful of our Indigenous heritage with Christ at the centre of all learning. We will celebrate authentic growth, acknowledging and learning through mistakes. Rejoice in diversity, knowing all children can learn.

An architectural impression of the school buildings.

St Catherine’s is committed to laying strong foundations in learning, to know our children by developing them from what they know, establishing clear expectations, providing constructive feedback, creating active and engaged individuals to respectfully express themselves, energise and encourage each other to excel spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

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