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School Leadership Team

Principal – Donna Bryce

Deputy Principal – Allison Wedding

Literacy Leader – Liz Wilkie

Maths Leader – Samantha Membrey

Wellbeing Leader – Christa Tadich

Learning Diversity Leaders – Katie Beasley & Allison Wedding

e-Learning Leader – Tahnee Allen

Religious Education Leader – Alice Marquand


Prep Team

Jamie Lambert, Maggie Lee, Jess Harmon, Haylea Anderson

Learning Support Partners – Simone Willcox, Sue Cahill, Claudia Murphy, Katia Macrides, Lizette Anderson


Year 1 Team

Tahnee Allen, Liv Gillet, Joshua Gill

Learning Support Partners – Oscar Balderas, Meg Hellard


Year 2 Team

Christa Tadich, Carly White

Learning Support Partners – Belinda Kennedy, Georgia Kribbs


Year 3/4 Team

Katie Beasley, Tim Koenig, Sarah Taylor

Learning Support Partners – Chelsea Eggleton, Jasmine Wright, Nick Hewitt, Rachel Armitage


Year 5/6 Team

Samantha Membrey, Alice Marquand, Emma Hamm

Learning Support Partner – Taylor Fagents


Specialist Team

Physical Education and Maths Intervention – Corey Needs

Visual Arts – Suz White

Performing Arts – Tara White

STEM – Kathryn Lococo

Spanish and Kitchen – Patricia Gonzalez-Bort

Outdoor Learning – Emily Leermakers


Administration Team

Business and Admin Manager – Belynda Smith

Administration Officer – Julia Harting

Compliance Officer – Andrea Walker


Allied Health

Occupational Therapist – Naomi Gador

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