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Construction, news and enrolment updates

Construction update

Following a site meeting at the end of term, we thought it was timely to provide you with another update and share some pictures of the great work that is being done. In the first picture you can see our carpark has been sealed and is virtually completed and work has started on the second floor of our main building.  At the meeting the builder told us they are ahead of schedule, and provided no significant delays occur over winter, the building will be ready to host orientation days in late November or early December this year. We can’t wait for you to see it in person but in the meantime we’ll keep sharing these pictures and updates!

Architectural Vision

With construction moving ahead nicely I thought it would be good to give you some background on the architect’s vision for our new school. Father Linh and the St Catherine’s steering committee have been working with architects Clarke, Hopkins, Clarke to translate our education vision into effective learning spaces. As you can see from the conceptual images below, the architects have taken a playful use of simple shapes as building blocks for learning and creativity.

In addition to more formal learning spaces, you can see below they have created spaces for quiet contemplation and visual connection to nature, for activities such as reading, as well as spaces for group discussion and work.

A brand-new school building gives us a unique opportunity to design flexible spaces that can easily open up from a contained, quiet class space to an open multi-use learning area that caters for individual needs and collaboration.

Enrolment news

We are receiving a lot of enquiries about enrolments and to help you with this have added an Enrolments Expression of Interest Form  to our website for those families who are interested but not yet ready to formally enrol. We will continue to monitor this interest but we are anticipating that for 2020 we will have places for students from Foundation to Grade 4.

We have also identified a venue close to St Catherine’s in Warralilly to host an Information night. We will provide details for this night to you as soon as we have finalised some more details but I look forward to meeting in person with the many families who have already contacted me.

I am also working with a Uniform designer to finalise our uniform. I see this as an exciting first step in building the story of St Catherine’s and look forward to sharing designs with you soon.

Please contact Donna Bryce on 0439 892 080 or email: with any questions you may have, and again, encourage your friends to visit our website and sign up for news updates.

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